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Posted on: October 8th, 2014

SARA eMess

Historically, nurses used pagers or two-way walkie-talkies to communicate with each other, even when resident accidents required quick responses. Today at Maplecrest, we use the power of our mobile phones, Wi-Fi connection, and the SARA eMessenger iOS app. The application is a vehicle staff members use to better communicate, monitor, and act quickly on issues or accidents that arise in a resident’s room. Every member receives an alert via text or email, prompting one of them to accept it, and investigate the situation. This way, the right person responds accordingly to the patient, quickly and efficiently.

“Through the use of the pendants, chair, bed alarms and even the door alarms, we are able to respond to our resident concerns in a much quicker manner, ” said Chad Liptow, Executive Director at Maplecrest. “SARA has a multitude of different reporting capabilities.”

Invented by Status Solutions, this new technology offers concise transparency. The staff will be informed consistently and notified of the exact location prompting quick response time. All communications are recorded, providing administrators with accurate analytical data.

“As the administrator, I am able to generate reports on busiest times, average response times, battery life, etc. I can view and filter reports based on employee or tenant,” Chad Liptow says. “After setting specific parameters, we’ve set up notifications to our management team if tenant calls are not responded to within those parameters.”

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